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Hi! Zillions of thanks for dropping by to 1412 Avenue, the place where dreams and hopes are lifted high up and where sky is the limit to freedom of expression and creativity!! ^__^

Now while I'm fully aware that being "mysterious" could be a sexy thing to do, but I'm just gonna set it straight: my name is Hanif Adinugroho Widyanto A.K.A. Hanif, KiD, Han, Niph, Kakek (translation: wiseman ^_^), Bon, Skill, you-name-it; anything that refers to the coolest guy in planet Earth -- so if you're looking for the official blog of Matthew Fox, lemme be the first to congratulate you coz you've come to the right place!! ^o^ hehee,,

Anyway... *ehem* Please please please do feel free to wander around my blog, find out more about KiD, read my entries about LIFE as I see fit, leave some comments about my AWESOME-NESS, or simply do anything POSITIVE here (no spam, hack, crack, slash, burn, etc. please)... enjoy your stay!! ^____^